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Baking cups, cupcake liners, patty cases, paper baking cups, cupcake papers, muffin cups or muffin papers - no matter what you like to call them, they are the perfect way for home bakers, craft people, professional bakers, bakeries, and chocolatiers to dress up cupcakes and muffins.

Individual paper cupcake liners are designed for cupcakes or muffins, but can be used to put cookies in, chocolates, cake pops, crafts - like soap making, decorations and even turned upside down to cover a cup with a straw through it!

Baking Cups are a round fluted cup shape of paper which is pressed into a round holes in the cupcake pans. Liners make it easy to remove your cupcake/muffin from the tin after baking, keeps your pan clean and your cupcakes/muffins moist.

Like cupcake pans, paper liners come in a variety of sizes. Slightly different sizes are considered "standard" in different countries. In addition to paper, cupcake liners may be made from very thin aluminum foil or, in a non-disposable version, silicone rubber. Because they can stand up on their own, foil and silicone liners can also be used on a flat baking sheet, which makes them popular among people who do not have a specialized muffin tin.

We carry a variety of paper cupcake liners that stand alone. Some bakers use two or three thin paper liners, nested together, to simulate the strength of a single foil cup - but you don't have to with ours.

Our quality cupcake liners from Sweden are greaseproof. That means your liner peels off your cupcake or muffin without taking half the cupcake with it. The beautiful pattern that you were so enthralled with actually is still there when you finish baking it and best of all they are biodegradable.

Most packages of liners are in packs of 50 - there are some that are a little different - so always read the information on what you are ordering. Maximum is what we have in stock - but if you are looking for more we may be able order it in.

Our designer cups are packaged in smaller amounts (usually 20) and are in a black base box with a clear cover - it makes for a beautiful gift!

Our standard cups are the same quality as the Designer Cups just more of them!

Mini cups also called Petit Four - can be used for small cakes, cake pops, or for a beautiful presentation for a single chocolate.

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